Building a Successful Home Inspection Business

Expert Interview Series: Home Inspector Mike Chamberlain on Building a Successful Home Inspection Business. Special thanks to Inspection Certification Associates (ICA), North America’s most trusted provider of online Home Inspection Training and Certification.

Mike Chamberlain is the owner and lead home inspector with MC2 Home Inspections. He has a background in construction and residential real estate and has nine years of experience as an inspector and business owner. We recently asked him about the challenges of running a home inspection business. Click on banner to read interview.

Expert interview series


What your home inspection may or may not uncover

HIDDENDEFECTA home inspection is a fairly standard part of the home buying process. What many first time homebuyers do not know is that your standard home inspection is not going to cover absolutely everything. Even after some homeowners get a clean inspection report they may find themselves buried in repair or replacement costs. To avoid these pitfalls it is important to understand what your home inspection covers, as well as what your home inspection might not uncover.

Avoiding Asbestos Exposure In Older Homes

asbestosDespite increased regulation in recent years, the mineral fiber asbestos can still be found in millions of American homes. Here’s how to minimize exposure.

Hidden Home Problems : Things To Look For Before Buying A House

Purchasing a new home is a very exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking experience. But there are many things to consider before taking this big step, including considering the potential problems you may run into as a homeowner.

The dangers of buying a home “as-is”

When buying an as-is home, what you don’t see can cost you!