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Getting Nit-Picky With The Home Inspection

When it comes to the home inspection, you absolutely have the right to be nit picky! Believe it or not, there are some in the real estate industry who believe that home inspectors can be TOO nit-picky during a home … Continue reading

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Is Your Home Inspector a Cookie Cutter?

What is a cookie cutter home inspector? The simple definition is a home inspector who performs multiple home inspections in a day. Why should you care? There are some cookie cutters who perform up to 4 home inspections per day! … Continue reading

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Key Negotiation Points for Getting your Offer Accepted

By the time making an offer rolls around, you’ve likely already invested a hefty amount of time and energy into finding the perfect home for your family’s needs. With financing options in place and a great property in your sights, … Continue reading

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The Cost Of Home Improvement Fraud And Scams

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Homebuyers Dilema: More House vs. More Yard

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Buying a home? Beware of health hazards lurking in older homes

The housing market is hot and more and more potential home buyers are out and about looking for homes to call their own. Many home buyers are drawn to looking at older homes (1900-1960) for a variety of reasons from their … Continue reading

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Home Inspection Facts and Tips Infographic

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Homebuyers: Real Home Inspection Advice From A Real Home Inspector

Do a web search on home inspections and you are sure to get plenty of advice. But just who is giving this advice and more importantly, how do THEY know what a home inspection is supposed to entail? Many would be … Continue reading

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Ungrounded Electrical Outlets Present Real Dangers

Having a grounded electrical system is something that many of us take for granted on a day-to-day basis. With a short glance at the three-pronged electrical outlets that line our walls, we make an unconscious note that our electrical systems … Continue reading

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Understanding The Home Inspection Contingency

So you just had your home inspection done on the home you are considering purchasing and the results of the inspection have you a bit disappointed. Maybe the home you were looking at isn’t exactly what you thought it was, … Continue reading

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