Fall Checklist – Getting Ready For Winter



If you follow an annual maintenance checklist in the fall, you will save money in repairs, prevent damage from harsh weather and keep your home looking brand new.

1. Check your foundation for cracks and repair them. Even a hole the size of a pencil can let in a mouse, not to mention cold air.

2. Inspect your roof for missing shingles. If you spot missing shingles, hire a roof professional to make the repairs. It’s so much easier to repair a roof in the fall than in freezing temperatures when roofers charge premium prices.

3. Clean your gutters and downspouts and flush them with water. This small task is very most cost-effective in preserving the integrity of your home. If your gutters hold water, the water can freeze and build up, entering your home underneath the shingles. A simple clean will keep the water off your roof and out of your house.

4. Caulk any openings: around window and door frames, between the foundation and siding and at points where pipes enter your home. This is another very cost-effective job, keeping valuable heat inside your house and water and wind outside so your home stays comfortable all winter.

5. Make sure your decks are fully sealed and protected. If not, freezing water will widen cracks and harsh weather will dry out the wood, creating new cracks. If you see unprotected wood, power wash your decks and apply new sealant.

6. Check for peeling paint on trim and siding. If you see peeling paint, scrape and paint those areas so wood remains protected.

7. If you see cracks in your driveway, fill them with filler and seal your driveway. Regular driveway maintenance will add years of life to your driveway.

8. Take care of your yard: clean out flower beds of all leaf debris and dead branches, plant fall bulbs, mulch any plants that need protection and remove all leaves from your lawn. It’s so much fun to see your yard come to life in the spring if you’ve taken care of it in the fall.

Following this checklist annually will save you many maintenance dollars, add years of life to the respective parts and keep your home looking fresh and new throughout the winter and into the spring.