Angie’s List: Home inspections not just for buying/selling WTHR 13

Most people take their car for regular maintenance but neglect to give their home the same care. Just like miles adding up on the car, the years can take a toll on your house.

“One Angie’s List member decided after 20 years in her house to have a home inspection. She was getting ready to remodel and she wanted to make sure the house was in good condition before investing the money,” said Angie Hicks, Angie’s List founder.

Even if you are not planning to remodel, it’s still a good idea. Home inspection companies say catching problems early usually leads to a cheaper repair, and small things can go unnoticed when people are leading busy lives.

“We can come in and do a home inspection for a current homeowner and let them be aware of some of the items that are being neglected because they are so busy,” said Mike Chamberlain, MC2 Home Inspections.

While every house is different, inspectors say the problems usually fall into the same categories.

The first issue is electrical. Building codes are constantly updating, and it doesn’t take long for your electrical system to become outdated.

The second category is plumbing. Pipes are subject to more wear and tear than anything else in your home.

Inspectors also notice foundation issues. Gravity is always affecting homes no matter how old they are.

HVAC systems also deserve attention. A home inspector can usually tell you how much more time you can expect to get out of your furnace and air conditioning.

A typical home inspection will cost between $300 and $500, but it can be a good investment if you follow through.

“Keeping up on regular maintenance on your home is going to save you money in the long run,” said Hicks.

Spending a little now can keep you from having to spend a lot more in the future.

Angie’s List can help get you started by providing experiences that others in your area have had with Home Inspection companies. Like anything else, it’s always a good idea to get a few estimates before hiring an inspector.